Again as with indexing/managing documents here at Black Box we believe in taking the simple approach when applying basic workflow concepts. A lot of organisations believe that they need to simultaneously implement a document workflow solution when scanning their existing documents. Not so! This can create chaos when trying to re-educate staff from moving from paper based documents to scanned electronic ones. This can quite frequently create many problems as staff/users oppose change especially when encountered on multiple levels. At Black Box we believe that users should acclimatise themselves to searching and retrieving scanned archive files before moving on to current live working documents. Once users are familiar with working with documents on their screen Black Box can offer a basic workflow solution that can cater for the majority of organisations. Our goal is to replicate an organisations physical workflow processes as closely as possible. If for example accounts purchase invoices are received in the mail room, opened by Tom before being physically delivered to Jane, processed and then passed onto David for approval we will attempt to create an electronic folder structure to simulate this process. The new process will maybe involve Tom opening and scanning the purchase invoice directly in to Jane’s “inbox”. Once there Jane will receive an emailed notification that she has a new invoice to be processed. Again once Jane has processed the invoice and then moved it to a folder labelled “Awaiting Approval” an event will automatically trigger an email to be sent to David  informing him of the new invoice awaiting his attention. The process is basic, efficient yet simple and will cater for most organisational requirements.