Unlimited Secure Citrix Cloud Storage for ALL* your files

Unlimited User Accounts to Securely Upload, Download, Share and Retrieve Files

Rebranded* Secure Citrix Cloud Site to reflect your Organisations own brand

1 x Crate of Files (Invoices, Delivery Notes, Contracts etc..) collected each month, de-stapled, scanned, cloud hosted and securely destroyed/recycled (optional)

Unrestricted ability to scan, generate (electronic files) and securely upload them to your own site*

Full text/content searching of files

Plus much more...

ALL THIS for just £250 per month (£300 if own branding is required)


Monthly Service Special Pricing

£250 Per Month

What do you get?

  1.  One Black Box supplied crate collected from your premises containing your files to be scanned each month. All staples, paper clips removed in preparation for scanning.

  2. Unlimited Black Box shared Citrix Secure Cloud storage with Unlimited Client-User accounts, allowing clients to upload, download, share & collaborate an Unlimited number of files with both their own files as well as files scanned by Black Box. 

  3. Complete Citrix Audit reports detailing ALL user/file activity - detailed information covering such items as file access, files shared with who etc..

  4. Black Box FileCenter software which among many other tools will allow Clients to scan their OWN files into text searchable PDF which can then be uploaded and stored within the Citrix Cloud storage service.

  5. The ability to manage, index, search and retrieve files (PDF, Microsoft Office Docs, Emails etc..) via both the Citrix Cloud basic search function as well as the more advanced Black Box FileCenter search and retrieve functionality. 

  6. Files scanned and named as per your instruction in to text searchable PDF format

  7. PDF files uploaded to your own secure Citrix Cloud Folder within the Black Box Cloud O

Covid-19 Pandemic restrictions are in place:

25% off of all Scanning pricing

FREE Unlimited secure cloud storage & file sharing for

an Unlimited number of User Accounts

FREE Document Management Software

FREE transportation of boxes/files for scanning projects  

(min quantity - 30 x archive boxes and only within a 40 mile radius of Maidstone, Kent)

FREE secure destruction/recycling of files once scanned (optional)

black box filecenter




black box filecenter

Black Box

FileCenter v9.26

For the appropriate sized scanning projects, we will supply our Black Box FileCenter software as well as the usage of our Citrix Secure Cloud service with each scanning project completely FREE OF CHARGE

(Excludes optional training)

Subject to minimum scanning project volumes -

Terms & Conditions apply*

*to be supplied with each project

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