GDPR (May 2018) - Your Paper Records

"It's simple math really"

If organisations are to physically filter through their paper archives to determine what should be destroyed and what should be retained so that they may comply with GDPR they should first consider the following:


The average person can accurately skim through and read the header content of  files within a standard archive box in just over a 80 minutes. Bearing in mind that it will more than likely require either Senior Management, Partners or Business Owners to determine what should or should not be retained the cost could be considerable. For example if you had 300 x archive boxes in storage the time to filter/process the boxes without breaks, would take 400 working hours or 50 days NON STOP!

 Black Box can, subject to project type scan/process 100 x standard archive boxes per day. Again subject to the work required within each project the cost to process each box can be as little as £35 per box (see pricing).

"It doesn't take an astrophysicist to work out which is the most cost effective option"