Many existing office computers will be able to accommodate electronic document management system software, a scanner would then be required to introduce a document imaging system.


'Information, not the server is at the centre of the business' EMC

Computers / Servers  - the minimum specifications required to run Black Box Software products are detailed within each respective software spec sheets. 


Storage Space Required For Electronic Files – This is totally dependent on the number and size of files to be stored. However as a rule of thumb for Black & White scanned documents we allow approximately 20,000 scanned A4 pages per 1Gb of storage.


Scanners  - a wide range of scanners from leading manufacturers such as Canon, Fujitsu and Kodak are available from Black Box via our scanning partner RTS ltd . Medium or high volume machines operate hands free from as slow as 15 pages per minute up to 260 images per minute.


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