A2-A0 Large Format Scanning

For the appropriate sized scanning projects, Black Box will supply its

Black Box FileCenter software*

with each scanning project completely

FREE OF CHARGE (Excludes optional training)

Subject to minimum scanning project volumes -

*Terms & Conditions apply (to be supplied with each project)

Pricing as low as £2 per scan for large projects -

(large volume discounts available)

300dpi scanning pricing

A2 -   £3 (mono) £5 (colour)

A1 - £4 (mono) £7 (colour)

A0 - £5 (mono) £8 (colour)

​Our large format scanning service is ideal for Architects, Surveyors, Construction Consultants, Large Format Artists, Designers etc..


When combined with our Black Box FileCenter software and Citrix ShareFile service, large format documents can be scanned, OCR'd (made text searchable) and converted into full content searchable PDF's. The Black Box FileCenter software will then index the files making them accessible via the desktop as well as the cloud making it easier for users to search for and access files on the move. NO more walking onsite with oversized documents blowing in the wind.

Our Large Format Scanning Service Includes The Following:

  • Black Box FileCenter software to manage and index large format documents (subject to volume of scans - see Special Offer)

  • Free cloud storage within the Black Box ShareFile Cloud portal

  • 40″ image width suits A0, E and architectural E-size scans

  • 300dpi optical resolution – 9600dpi maximum

  • Fast monochrome scanner with two color models

  • Crisp, sharp black-and-white (monochrome) scans

  • 16 bit gray tone capture for perfect gray shades

  • 48 bit color capture for photo-realistic vivid colors

  • Architectural Drawings

  • Engineering Drawings

  • Electrical & Mechanical Drawings

  • Local Authority Plans

  • Railway Drawings

  • Circuit Diagrams

  • Building & Construction Drawings

  • Historical Drawings

  • Newspapers

  • Maps

  • Blueprints

  • Pencil drawings

  • Sketches

  • Site Drawings

  • Block Plans

  • Road Layouts

  • Foundation Plans

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