Black Box

The Scanning Process

Black Box have been providing scanning and conversion/data retrieval services for the past 20 years 

Client by client we have gradually grown our scanning bureau service by building unique profiles to accommodate our clients needs. The basic service we provide is very straight forward and the process is essentially the same for each client, however the unique profiles we build (file naming, data processing etc) set us apart.

When a client is in a position to have it records digitised we first estimate the number of pieces of paper contained within the archive to scan and then provide a cost to process the files. Assuming the budgets have been agreed we then deliver archive crates for the files to be placed within. Alternatively we can collect client boxed files. 

Crates/Boxes are then transported back to our storage/processing facility where they are unloaded and temporarily stored within one of our 24hr CCTV monitored,  40Ft secure sea containers. 

All files are then processed by our team of "DBS/CRB" checked pre-scanning team. Our experienced team can process thousands of documents each day by removing staples, paper clips, book spines as well ironing documents where necessary prior to them being scanned.

Once the files have been prepped they are then passed through our 230 images per minute production scanners and saved as text searchable individual PDF's. The file names used ordinarily represent the name on the file but can be adapted to suit each individual organisations needs.

Scanned files are then randomly checked for quality assurance before being uploaded to each individual Organisations secure Black Box Citrix ShareFile Cloud portal.









The Black Box Citrix Cloud portals have been created primarily to assist clients in accessing urgent files very quickly. In addition Black Box Clients have the added bonus of being able to upload, download, search, retrieve and share an unlimited number of files with an unlimited number of users via the Citrix ShareFile service.

Black Box can provide access to urgent files that have been collected on the same day they were collected .

All Client Cloud Portals are Full Text/Content Searchable. Authorised Users can type in a search request for an invoice number, address post code, contract ref and retrieve their file  within seconds!

Upon completion of the scanning project, all files are then burned on to DVD and returned to the client. The physical files can either then be stored in cheap onsite storage within one of our sea containers, securely destroyed/recycled or returned to the client.

With regards to the client Cloud portals we have taken the view that if scanning works are ongoing i.e. we are to receive records to scan each year from organisations, we will keep the Cloud portals containing the client files live without charging for this service. If with the progress of time the scanning of client files is no longer required then an optional charge can be applied to keep the service running.

To find out more please contact us so that we may discuss your potential project.

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