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Store&Search branded Citrix ShareFile - Business-class file sharing meets real-time collaboration

£30 per month

Unlimited Client User Accounts + Unlimited Storage

For clients who haven't got the time, resources or the desire to setup and maintain a Citrix ShareFile cloud service we can provide our "Store&Search" ShareFile cloud site for you to use.

We can create an organisational account folder that will allow clients to simply upload, download, share and collaborate on files with an Unlimited number of Users.

Each account will be allocated with an Unlimited number of User/Client accounts.

In addition to the Unlimited number of Users, each account also includes an Unlimited amount of Cloud Storage which will allow clients to continue operating without worrying about how much capacity they have left. 


Black Box Managed Unlimited User/Storage Cloud Account - £30 per month (plus VAT)


Unlimited User/Client Accounts

Unlimited Storage

(Note - Black Box can create MULTIPLE user accounts

via a client supplied Excel Spreadsheet - one off cost £20)

Adding of individual account - £6 per user (one time fee)

  1. Unlimited file storage within an EU located data centre - Upload, download, share & collaborate on an unlimited number of files within your secure cloud site.

  2. Unlimited Client User Accounts - Enable an unlimited number of team members, clients to upload, share and collaborate on files.

  3. Complete Audit Trail - Ensure that you are compliant by automatically recording every activity related to a file or user  throughout the file/user life-cycle. The ShareFile comprehensive audit reports cannot be deleted or modified and will record every upload, share, viewing for all files and users be they remote or otherwise. ShareFile will even log a remote IP address for a user who may have accessed a file.

  4. File Versioning - Retain up to 10,000 versions of a file that may have been modified/deleted.

  5. File Check in/out - Make sure that your users know when someone else is working on a file by allowing users to check in and check out files.

  6. Full Text Search - Allow your users to utilise the powerful full content/text search functionality of ShareFile to search and retrieve files by both their file names as well as the content within the.

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The service is provided via the Citrix ShareFile cloud hosting platform with all client data being hosted within the EU.


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