Records management - National Archives of Scotland


What happens if we don’t manage our records? If we do not adopt systematic management of our corporate information we could lay our selves open to many problems. In an unmanaged records environment, on average, up to 10% of staff time is spent looking for information. In terms of wasted time that works out at just under 45 minutes a day. In terms of what this actually costs the office: with an average salary of £18,500, and with a working population of 160 people, that means we spend £292,448 per year on looking for information, over five and half thousand pounds per week! Then there are the security risks that come with an unmanaged system. If you don’t know what information you have and where it is, then how will you know if someone takes it, loses it or destroys it. New legislation in the form of the Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act, mean that the NAS’ management of its records is now open to more scrutiny. Requests for information governed by statutory response timescales will be very difficult to service if such records are not properly organised and retrievable An unmanaged records system makes the performance of our duties more difficult, costs the organisation in time, money and resources and makes us vulnerable to security breach, prosecution and embarrassment.

Extract copied from the - "A guide for staff" Procedures Manual (see link)

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